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Freiburg is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Germany. It is small enough to make you feel at home right from the first day and at the same time it's big enough to be lively and international. Tradition and modern life are linked in perfect harmony.

Freiburg has approximately 200,000 inhabitants. The history of the town reaches back 900 years, which is well demonstrated by the old part of town.

Being a university town, Freiburg offers a wide variety of cultural events and attractions such as theatres, concerts, ballet, modern dance, music festivals, museums, exhibitions ...there is something of interest for everyone!

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The town is dominated by students - and their bicycles! Freiburg is also known as the "ecological capital" and environmental consciousness is of major significance here. Due to its many solar energy projects, Freiburg is also called the "solar city".

Freiburg is ideally situated in the Black Forest, very close to France and Switzerland, inviting many interesting trips. The mild climate is another bonus; Freiburg enjoys the most days of sunshine and the warmest temperatures of all German cities.

In terms of forestry, the great diversity of forest types and their use is especially interesting. Being the home of the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, a forest research institute and a forest office, Freiburg is the most significant centre of forestry in south-western Germany.

The four nearest airports are - Frankfurt (2 hours), - Stuttgart (2 hours) , Basel/Mulhouse (Switzerland/France, 1 hour) and Zürich (Switzerland, 2 hours).

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Basic Information


Forest Ecology and Management


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Language of Instruction:



2 years / 4 semesters

Total number of credits:

120 ECTS

accredited by: Acquin-Logo

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