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Kate Flick

What are you doing now and where?

I am working as the Sustainability Education Coordinator at the College of Menominee Nation’s Sustainable Development Institute, teaching kids in outdoor environments while designing and using interdiscplinary curriculum that combines people and place into one lens in Wisconsin, USA.


How did FEM help you to get where you are now, or is helping you in your current position?

I think one of FEM's most valuable attributes is to provide a “family” of people from all over the world. You get a snapshot into many different places, people, and cultures which continues to inform my perspective. Additionally, the hands-on nature of the program with in-the-field lessons and field trips taught me the importance of learning-by-doing in an outside environment. As an environmental educator, this is the basis of my teaching philosophy. The flexibility of the internship and thesis process also allow you to specialize in directions that are most relevant for your interests. For example, I did my internship with the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station, an environmental education organization and completed my thesis on learning and participation in forestry development projects in the Amazon because the education component was important to me. This specialization provides the necessary toolkit to go into the next step of your individual interests while the coursework itself provides you with a broad “generalist” basis that gives you the flexibility to work in many different settings and situations.


Any other information you consider relevant or interesting?

Some of my best friends continue to be those which I met during the FEM course. Perhaps more important than professional development is the meaningful relationships you can form with the students and teachers alike.

Basic Information


Forest Ecology and Management


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Language of Instruction:



2 years / 4 semesters

Total number of credits:

120 ECTS

accredited by: Acquin-Logo

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